Topographers. Measurement for Cadastre an Land Registry in Moraira and Benisa

Land Surveyors in Teulada and Benitachell. Measurement  and demarcations of plots, fields, and estates.

If there is a diference between the square metres of Cadaster and the Land Registry you need the services of one Topographer top carry out the real mesaurement of the plot and issue a plan. This is then submitted to the Cadaster for the correct measurement to be registered therein. Most properties are not correctly described in the cadaster.

The Cadaster is an administrative registry , wich depends on the Tax Office. The Registration is oblicatory and free.

The land Regsitry is where the facts that affect the ownershi are registred, including the ownership, it gives you juridical security to those registered rights. Whatever is registered in the Land Registry is presumed right and correct, unless it is proved otherwise.

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